Sharing Surprises

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Last year was an eventful Christmas for at least one of my family members, and the events kept unfolding.  The family member knew that the baby was coming, and the baby was eagerly awaited by parents, grandparents, extended family, and friends.  The baby came into the world on Christmas Eve.  It was exciting and wonderful.  It was also a white Christmas.  This surprised just about everybody because it was in a place that rarely sees snow, especially for Christmas.


The baby became ill and had to spend time in a children’s hospital.  He is healthy and well now, but it was a surprise to everyone for him to have such a rocky beginning to life.  While he has only had a year of living, his life has been like many of ours.  There have been surprises of all kinds.  He needed other people to help him through the difficult times.  He needed other people to celebrate the good times.  He has family, friends, and others who want the best for him and work to provide the best for him.  He is a part of a community.


We all have times of joy and hardship.  We all need our community.  Some of that community is our family and friends.  Some of the community are people that happen to be around.  How can you help those in difficult times?  Are you willing to accept help?  Are you willing to share your life, the good and the bad, with others?


Let this be a day and a season of sharing yourself.


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