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Image by asterix611 via Flickr

I recently saw an announcement that the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) has signed a broadcasting deal with CBS Sports Network.  There will be 27 events broadcast.  There will be an additionally weekly show about PBR.  As the details emerge, there will be people for and against the deal. My immediate question is, do we get the CBS Sports Network?  I needed to know how this plan would affect me.  I mainly wondered when I would see my PBR.

Most of want to know how things are going to affect us.  It is a great deal for t he PBR?  Fine, but what about me?  Is it a great deal for me?

This happens with many group experiences in our lives.  The group may decide to go in a new direction, but we are concerned about how it will affect us personally.

God calls us to be a part of a community of faith, which means that it is not always about us.  Sometimes what is best for us as an individual may not be the best for the entire group.  If we want the group to expand beyond who is already present, we have to be willing to put aside some of our own concerns about how things affect us.

are you willing to consider the best for the community of faith, or are you concerned for what sibest foryou?  Are you willing to see how the  new plan or changes affect the entire group, or are you stuck at theidea of needed your own needs to be put first by everybody?  a part of maturing and growing in faith is to consider the needs of others  instead of just our own needs.  We need to ask, how does this work for everyone  As Jesus tells us we must love our neighbor as ourselves.

I will be open to the new broadcasting agreement, trying to wait and learn more about the deal.  What do you need to be open to considering?  What do you need to wait for?

This is a season of expectations and waiting.  In this season, may you be able to consider the group as well as yourself.


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