swingingAs we leave childhood, somehow we start to believe that we must no longer play.  Grown ups don’t play.  We put away our dolls, cars, and items for make-believe.  We stop with playing house, and we start our real lives.  We are no longer playing.  We are grown-up.  We don’t swing on swings.  We don’t giggle.  We are adults.


Maybe that is something that needs to change.  Instead of being so grown up, maybe we need more play in our lives.  Instead of being so very grown up all of the time, maybe we need to allow more play time.  This is not to suggest that we revert to the toys of childhood, but it may be.  Those simple activities of childhood are often activities that allow us to engage in a new way.  We can color a picture to engage our mind in a new way, to use that other side that allows our creativity to flow.


We can find the old ways as well as the new ways of playing to engage us in new ways, to discover more joy in our lives, and to transform us.  Jesus played.  Jesus played with children, words, and enjoyed life.  We are called to follow Jesus.  Go and play today.


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