Unexpected Blessings

Bull riding

Image by Jami Dwyer via Flickr

It has been a good but busy week.  I finished up my second day of working over 12 hours.  Wishing for only bed, jammies, and sleep, I crawled into my bed.  My foot was throbbing because of a possibly broken little toe, which was the result of a run-away hair dryer that morning.  Then, it happened.  I turned on television to watch the news.  I surfed through the guide, and there it was.  Bull Riding.  Was it really coming on, or was this a programming guide error.  When I have seen the words before, I would then find another sporting event.  I selected the channel.  It was there. The opening song by Gary Allan began to play.    As I heard the familiar song and saw the opening to the broadcast I heard another song in my head. The Hallelujah Chorus started in my head.  It was a new re-cap show from the PBR.  Even though I had missed the weekend event, I was able to catch parts of it as well as the commentary.  Woo-hoo!!!  What a great ending to my day.


Then, as I began my day, I again turned on the news.  I knew I had to get out of bed, but I really did not want to end my slumber.  I needed a couple more hours to sleep, but the day and my first meeting of the day was calling.  It was not the news on my television.  The TV was on the channel from the previous night, CBS Sports Network.  Bull Riding was on!!!!  Ending and beginning a day with bull riding is . . . Wonderful.  Unexpected blessings are wonderful.  So often the unexpected is challenge or struggle that we have to face.   Yet, to find an unexpected blessings is something that changes our outlook on the day and world.  The times of unexpected blessing allow us to experience greater joy in life.


Unfortunately, we often miss the blessings because we are too focused on our own agenda.  Usually I do not surf through the channel guide.  I enter the channel number of my favorite news channel.   There is no possibility of finding anything different because I only go to the familiar. We don’t branch out and try new things because the old thing is all that we are interested in doing and experiencing.  We often become focused on our goals, tasks, and mission at the moment.  We don’t meander through the channels or take the long way home.  We put on our blinders and concentrate only on the course we have set for ourselves.  Goals and focus are wonderful things, but if we are so focused, we might miss the blessings.  We might miss the experience of starting a new relationship, the opportunity to learn something new, or an experience of God’s splendor.


Take some time to allow the blessings to flow into your day or life.  Take the time to go the long way home, surf through the channels, or to be open to God’s leading.  As we open ourselves to possibilities, we are opening ourselves to blessings.


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