Holding Hands

holding hands - age 10, and age 8

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“Join hands with me and

Walk softly into this heavenly morn,”


These opening lines of Malcolm Henderson’s poem, “Heavenly Morn” are an invitation. We enjoy receiving  invitations.  In the invitation there is the potential for moments of wonder, surprises, and nourishment of our souls.  These lines are an invitation not just to something, but it is an invitation to connect.  We are invited to connect through the joining o of hands.  A physical and outward sign of relationship.  We are invited to leave the isolation and loneliness that may be a part of us in order to be joined with another.


We are social creatures who need to be joined with others.  We need connection.  We will not thrive or survive without it.  How do you join yourselves with others?  Do you hold hands?  Do you accept the invitation of the outstretched hand?  Do you stretch out your hand and invite connection?


I believe there needs to e more hand holding in our lives.  Not just the friend who holds our hand in the difficult times of life, but we need more hand holding in the ordinary moments of life.  We need to have a physical reminder that we are not alone.  We need to be the hands of God,  not only serving others, but offering an invitation to connection.  Offer a hand today – reach out and touch others.  Invite others to journey with you and experience moments of wonder.


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