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On January 13, 2012, CNN reported that the New Orleans police station was evacuated because of a car that was brought in during an arrest.  The car had live grenades.  It must have been an interesting ady at the office.

]Most of us probably do not have those kinds of explosives in our lives, but we do have potential explosions.  The potential explosions in our lives are figurative and involve emotions rather than actual explosive devices.  The explosions can be external or internal.


Internally we can have memories triggered that lead to a explosion of emotion that have nothing to do with a situation.  Externally we can experience other people’s explosion of emotions.  These potential explosions are the result of emotional responses.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  These potential explosions are not negative.  It may be that the explosion of feelings are positive.  For example sights and sounds that remind us of home will trigger positive emotions because they bring us back to our childhoods.


We are called to celebrate who we are.  One of the things we are is emotional.  We are invited to experience these potential explosions of emotion from us or others.  These are things that make us human.  As we acknowledge and celebrate these emotions, we are also have a responsibility to ensure that are emotional responses do not create a dangerous situations for others.  Just as the police department was evacuated, so we must consider if others may be hurt by our emotional explosions.


Celebrate that we all have emotions, sometimes explosive, and protect those who may be endangered by our explosions.


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