It is Not Just Me


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JB Mauney says that it is not just about him anymore.  He has a daughter, Bella, and he hopes to be her primary care giver.  Her presence in his life has caused him to realize his larger responsibility to someone other than himself. He is correct.


For all us who are a part of the kingdom of God it is about more than just us as an individual.  We are a part of the kingdom of God.  We are not on our own allowing our the currents of life to sweep us along.  We are called to think about our lives in terms of the kingdom of God.  How does what we do affect the kingdom of God?  Are we building up or tearing down the kingdom?


JB, like most parents, has adjusted his priorities based on having a child.  What we have to remember is that we are called to  adjust our priorities because we are children of God.  Consider your day.  Is it doing what you want, or do you consider how your life impacts the kingdom of God?  What percentage of your actions impact the kingdom?  Is there a way for you to live more fully considering the kingdom?


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