Other Reality

A field of opium poppies in Burma.

Image via Wikipedia

The other evening I was watching television.  The first television show showed a man who escaped his reality through internet games.  He became the avatar he created.  He escaped into another world, where the rules of social interaction were different.  He was different.  He said that it allowed him to be creative.  He was able to escape hi ordinary world for an alternative reality.


The second show shared the story of  several people, including a young man.  The young man sought an escape from his reality through an illegal drug.  There was never an explanation of what his life was like, but it seemed that the majority of his life was spent seeking a way to escape.  He wanted a different reality.


Wile we may not escape through role playing games or illegal substances, many of us have sought some type of escape.  We escape into daydreams, television shows, and movies.  We imagine something different that what is.  This desire for escape can be used to God’s glory.  God has asked us to be the workers for the kingdom.  God wants us to build the kingdom of God which is different than our current reality.


Maybe our job is to transform this reality rather than try to escape it.  Maybe our job as workers for God’s kingdom is to offer a new way of living and being to those who are so desperate to escape their current reality.  Let’s use our imaginations of what could be to build God’s kingdom rather than to just escape reality.


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