You Never Know

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This past weekend, I was watching bull riding, PBR on CBS Sports Network.   Austin Meier was in the final round.  He finished in the top five.  As he was riding, the on-air commentators were discussing him and his style.  According to Ty Murray and Craig Hummer, Austin never opens his hand.  This means that he keeps holding on, trying to finish the ride.  The commentators went on to say that you never know what the next jump will bring.  For Austin on this particular night, it meant that he was able to re-position himself when the bull, Shepherd’s Hill Trapper, jumped again.


I doubt many of us would be able to remember to keep our hand closed while holding on to a bull rope, but I think we can all learn something from Austin’s riding style.  Some riders get anxious about what might be coming, so they plan their exit strategy.  They decide that it is better to get off than see what the next jump brings.  Maybe this is a conscious plan, and it might be unconscious.  Either way, they are uncertain of what will come next.  There are folks who think about life in a similar fashion.  Because they are anxious about what might come next, they convince themselves that the best they can hope for is escape.  They decide, consciously or unconsciously, that it is better to cut their losses than to see what will happen in the next jump or across the next hurdle.


Yes, there are many times when we don’t know what will happen next.  There are times when we feel that we are badly positioned for the unknown.  Some of us may never feel that we are set-up just right for the unknown.  So we avoid the next jump.  We escape rather than seeing a situation through until the end.  We leave the party, end the relationship, or open our hand to release us from whatever the situation is.


Sometimes the blessing God has for us is on the other side of the jump.  God may be asking us to trust God to see us through the jump.  Yes, it may be an anxious time.  Yes, we may feel ill-equipped.  Yes, we may feel that we are not set-up for the potential issues at the end of the jump.  God seeks us to trust God for whatever is to come.  We are called to hold fast to what God is calling us to do, even if it is scary, unknown, and potentially harmful.  When God calls us, we are to trust God to be present where we are, and in the future.  We may not know what happens after the next jump, but we can be assured that God is there.  Trust God.  You never know what the next jump holds.  For Austin it was a successful ride and a good score.  For you, God only knows.


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