Last night I was sitting in a meeting.  There was a rumble.  The ground shook.  Everyone looked around the table.  No one said anything.  I asked, “Was that an earthquake?”  Another person replied, “No, it was a truck passing by.”  We continued on with our discussion.  Later we found out that it was a 3.2 earthquake.  We had dismissed it because the chances of an earthquake occuring was less likely that a large truck driving by on the road outside our building.  While an earthquake is unlikely, it is not impossible here.  We have had 86 aftershocks since a 5.9 that was felt along most of the east coast of the United States.

Most of us go to the most probable answer in our minds for most things.  Yet, automatically assuming the most probable conclusion leaves our many possibilities.  We assume that the people around in t he grocery store line do not want to be bothered, so we don’t try to establish a relationship.  We assume that non one wants to hear about how God has been working in our lives, so we just keep it to ourselves.  We figure that everyone knows that we are thankful for the life God has given us, so we say nothing during the sharing of joys in our worship.  We figure that there are other people who are more eloquent at sharing God’s love, so we leave it to the experts.  We miss possible opportunities all of the time.  

Next time, take the chance that God can work in a situation even if it is not probable in your mind.  God can cause earthquakes in central Virginia.  God can use inadequate people like us to reach out to others, to tell the story of God’s love, to inspire others, and to encourage others in their faith.  God can shake up the world around us, sometimes even through us.  Take the unexpected opportunity.


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