Relationships Matter

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

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As we watch the primaries and President Obama gearing up for the general election, we see their families.  Spouses and children are quoted, making speeches, and seen on the campaign trail.  We have talked about families of political candidates, and we have even debated how much a candidate’s personal relationships matter.


Relationships do matter.  All relationships matter.  It is in our relationships that we learn, grow, and exist.  It is in our relationships that we define ourselves, encourage others, and make connections.  In relationships we learn about ourselves, have emotions, and share our lives with others.


Relationships with our families matter, but our other relationships matter as well.  It matters how we connect or fail to connect with other people.  It matters how we risk ourselves, or how we choose to protect ourselves.  It matters how we open ourselves to others, or if we keep ourselves closed off.  In our relationships we learn about God.


Take the time to connect with others.  Spend time with your family, friends, and strangers.  Today, risk yourself so that others may see the light of Christ shining through you.


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