Love Out Loud

'Sweethearts' photo (c) 2009, Debs (ò‿ó)♪ - license:

It is the custom at Palmyra United Methodist Church to share birthdays as joys.  One woman announced that it was her husband’s birthday recently.  She did not call him by his name.  She called him “My sweetie.”  This made a few of us giggle.  They have been married for a while, but he is still her sweetie.  Somehow we get the idea that we are supposed to curtail our public displays of affection and sentiment as we become more mature and wiser.  Maybe the opposite is true.  Maybe to keep love alive in our lives we are to continue those behaviors from when we first fell in love.

What if we continue to have terms of endearment and small signs of affection for those we love?  What if this was not just for a spouse or someone for whom we have a romantic love?  What if we found outward ways to express our love for God?  What if we routinely shared our affection for God through terms of endearment and signs of affection?  Jesus referred to God the Father as “Abba” which translates into our term “Daddy”.  Many of us become formal in our worship.  We become reserved.  We don’t get “all mushy” with God.  Maybe this is just what our relationship needs.

In our romantic relationships we need to continue to express our love and affection for the other person.  We need to do this same thing in our relationship with God.  Tell God about your love and find ways to express your affection.  Share your heart with God as God has shared life and love with you.


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