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In our community we are sharing a stomach flu.  Yuck!  It attacks pretty quickly, and it is not long lasting.  However, a number of folks have had to seek medical intervention.  IV fluids have been administered.  People felt better.  While the assistance and intervention was helpful, the effects of dehydration were obvious.  Heart rates would rise.  People felt awful.  The pain was severe.


Some realized that these were signs of dehydration.  Others did not.  Being dehydrated is more than just being thirsty.  Many bodily systems are affected.  There are serious, sometimes even life-threatening consequences to dehydration.  The same is true of spiritual dehydration.  Our whole lives can become a dried up mess  that can threaten our lives.  We may not even realize that we are thirsty!  In order to stave off this spiritual dehydration, we need to regularly connect with God and God’s people.  It is the community of faith that we can experience the life-giving water of grace.  It is in this community we experienced the waters of baptism that marked us as God’s own.  It is this community we continue to be watered.


Jesus offered to the woman at the well life-giving water.  He offers the same water to us in the fellowship of other Christians.   Come to the water to drink, because you can become dehydrated without feeling thirsty.


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