The Day After

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...

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For one day we focus on love.  There are heart-shaped donuts, cards, boxes of chocolate, flowers, and a plethora of expressions of love.  Some are left unimpressed by these sentiments.  Some are wishing for the day to end.  Some suffer from unrequited love.  Some miss a love that is gone.  No matter how you feel about the day, it is almost over.


So, what do you do on the day after Valentine’s Day?  Do you wear some color besides red?  Are you grateful for the sentiments expressed?  Are you relieved that you have gotten through another one?  You may be all of these things, but what if we start a love revolution?  What if instead of focusing on romantic love for one day, we turn our attention to the love of God?


What if for the rest of this year we find ways to express our love of God?  Each day we could find some way to express love.  It could be that one day we serve in missions.  It could be that we spend time praising God.  It could be that we express our love of God by learning more about God through Bible study.  It could be that we show love to the stranger, clothe the naked, give food to the hungry, and visit those in prison.  Jesus told us that when we do these things to the least of these, then we are doing these things to him.  Let us live in the day after Valentine’s Day, loving God, for the rest of our days.


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