Jeremy Lin and Us

Jeremy Lin at the 2010 Golden State Warriors o...

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My family is a basketball family.  People in the family play basketball.  We have favorite college teams.  One of the bonding experiences is who will win the family March Madness brackets.  With all of this basketball, you would think that we would pay attention to the NBA.  We don’t.

However, I have heard of Jeremy Lin.  Most of us know his story.  He is a player that was almost cut from the Knicks.  Now, he is an industry, and he can play ball.  He is also a Christian.  He is living out his faith and surprising everyone with playing basketball.  People are noticing.  He witnesses to his faith in many ways including a unique pre-game handshake with Landry Fields.  He acknowledges God in interviews.  He openly talks about God, miracles and faith.

While his athletic prowess gives him a much larger audience than most of us, I wonder if we are as vocal about our faith as he is.  Do you acknowledge your relationship with God as freely and openly?  Do you have non-verbal cues to the world around you about your relationship with God?  Do you wear a cross?  Do you say, “Praise God” when you hear about someone receiving a blessing?  Do you pray before meals?  During this Lent, maybe we need to have a more vocal faith.  We won’t have as wide an impact as Jeremy Lin, but we may impact our corner of the world.  We may have an impact on just one life, but that one life would be worth it.


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