Suzy and Shamans

Goldes shaman priest in his regalia

Image via Wikipedia

There are a lot of things that I do not understand about other people.  I am not alone.  We wonder how people can and do decide to take certain actions or say certain things.  We are shocked and sometimes appalled.  We try to make sense of behaviors, and we hold people accountable.  One thing that happens is that leads to disturbing behavior is that we stop thinking for ourselves.  We listen  and follow blindly the instructions of other people.


This blind faith in another person may be what happened recently in Nepal.  According to a report from, a woman was burned alive because a shaman had declared her a witch.  According to the shaman, she had made a relative sick.  People believed the shaman.  They took part in her murder.  They will now be held accountable for their behavior.


We also are held accountable for our behavior.  Many of us have been asked some version of the parental question, if Suzy jumped off a bridge, would you?  It appears that many of us would follow Suzy.  Yet, we are given free will.  We are given the ability to make our own choices and choose our own path.  We don’t have to follow Suzy, shamans, or anyone else who requires us to act.  We choose how we are going to act.  We choose how we are going to live.


Don’t let the shamans and Suzys hold sway over  your actions.  Instead, let us seek God’s will.  Let us rely not on human understanding, but let us choose to seek divine knowledge.  Let us pray more and trust God’s guidance rather than human guidance.  Let’s ask God what we should do rather than listening to Suzy or the shamans. Today, let’s pray for guidance in decisions we are facing.  Let us open ourselves to God’s leading.


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