Everyone Matters

Just Finished Generation XGen X is the sandwich generation.  They are a small group, 40 million, compared with 76 Baby Boomers and 70 Millennials.  Yet, a recent article , Don’t Dismiss Your Gen X Talent, gives advice to employers on how to keep this group at their companies.  The article appeared in the Harvard Business Review. They are the leadership generation.  Few in number, but they count.  They are self-reliant and seeking to learn new things.  They matter.


We often look at numbers for business and the church.  We look for who the largest group to determine our course of action.  We say that we need to focus on this group because they are the ones with the most experience.  We need to focus on that group because they are the future.  While we may put a particular emphasis on a group, all the groups matter.  We, the church community, must offer disciple making for all age groups.  We must seek to reach out to all demographics because everybody matters.


Far too often we get caught up in the numbers.  We want to know how many.  While this is an indicator of how we are doing, we also need to look beyond the numbers.  Are we being inclusive?  Are we providing access to everyone?  God loves all, and the church is called to remember that everyone matters.


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