Hero or Savior

Cristo Redentor, statue on Corcovado mountain ...

Cristo Redentor, statue on Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bonnie Tyler sang “Holding Out for a Hero”.  She first released the song in 1984, but I remember it most from the soundtrack of the movie “Footloose”.  Some days I feel that is my song, or at least my desire.  I want someone to come and take care of all the things in my life that seem to be overwhelming me.  Maybe you know this feeling.  She is looking for Superman.  She is looking for the cowboy-in-white-hat who will rescue her.  I imagine that most of us, if not all of us, have a dream that there is one who will come and rescue us.  We want a hero who will clean up our mess, shoulder some of our burden, help us out, and generally relieve some of our stress.


We want to be saved from our to-do lists, our work, our chores, our responsibilities, and our lives.  I think we are looking for a savior more than a hero.  We want someone to save us from ourselves.  We want someone to save us from the tidal wave of responsibilities and work that threaten to overcome us.


We already have a Savior, but we sometimes forget that our Savior is not the bust-down-the-door type of Savior.  Our Savior is often waiting and wanting to be included in our lives.  Our Savior helps us realize that while there are many things we need to do, this is all temporary.  Our lives are bigger than the daily demands we and others put upon ourselves.  We are a part of the kingdom of God.  The things of this world are all temporary.  We have a Savior who has conquered even death itself, so we don’t need to allow the things of this life to overwhelm us.  We have Jesus Christ, a Savior.  Allow your desires for a hero to be shared with Jesus.  Allow the Savior to share your burdens.  In this sharing, we find comfort, peace, and a new perspective.  Hold out for more than a hero.  Hold out for a Savior.


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