Egg Salad Day

A bowl of homemade egg salad (hard boiled eggs...

A bowl of homemade egg salad (hard boiled eggs, chopped, mixed with mayonnaise and mustard) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the Monday after Easter, which means that something must be done with the eggs that were boiled and dyed over the weekend.  This year I made egg salad.  This re-forming is another lesson of Easter.  Easter is a celebration that God takes our old life and makes it into something new and wonderful.  Those boring boiled eggs have become something better than their old selves as well.  The hard shell has been cracked and peeled off.  The eggs could have been edible as boiled eggs.  In order to get to something more, further deconstruction was required.  Chopping was required.  The chopping takes some time, and we often grow impatient.  There needs to be a further breaking down in order for things to be built back up.  Other ingredients need to be added.  Sometimes we forget that part.  We think that all alone we can be transformed, but God gives us various means of grace (study of scripture, fasting, prayer, spiritual friends, sacraments, etc.) which change us as we allow them to be added to our lives.  The result is a new creation – egg salad.


God is waiting to crack our hard hearts.  God is seeking to break down the walls and barriers that we erect to keep lasting change from happening.  God is offering other ingredients to our lives.  Are you willing to allow God access to you?  Are you willing to allow for transformation?  God is waiting to work a change in all of us.


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