God is in Control

Polski: Świeży śnieg na cienkiej gałązce Engli...

Polski: Świeży śnieg na cienkiej gałązce English: Fresh snow on a thin twig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often we are forced to repeat a lesson until we learn the lesson.  If we do not learn to multiply correctly, we fail the test and must take the test over.  So, it continues until we master the lesson.  The same is true for life lessons.  God keeps reminding me that I am not in control.  It is a lesson that I am struggling to learn.

It was supposed to be a very busy day.  I had multiple off-site appointments.  I had to present information, seek approvals, and all sorts of other things.  I had my reports prepared and my plan of action was clear.  I felt ready and a little anxious.  Then God decided to remind me that I am not in control.  The reminder came  in the form of a surprise snow.  Last night the weather predicted no snow.  Then a dusting when I woke up.  I could not get to my office, much less my appointments.  I was frustrated. Then, I could not get home.  My car is now at a nearby church, and I am home thanks to a friend with four-wheel-drive.  As I continued to watch the snow fall, I realized that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

There are a lot of things in life that we cannot control.  While we cannot control things, we can choose how we respond to them.  We can choose to be angry about the things we can’t control, or we can accept that none of us are in control.  I choose to put my trust in God.  I choose to accept that there are many thing that I cannot control.

Maybe the lesson will stick this time.  As I watch the snow continue to fall and eat snow cream, I am praying that I learn the lesson this time.  God is in control.


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