Going My Way

shuttle van, Leslie Street Spit

shuttle van, Leslie Street Spit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rarely use public transportation.  In my rural community, there are very few public transportation options.  Yet I was able to experience a small taste of sharing a ride today.  My vehicle is at the dealership for service.  The dealership offers a shuttle.  I told the receptionist that I would need the shuttle, but I was going farther out of town than towards town.  She stated that I would probably need to go alone since it was so far out of everyone else’s way.


Her statement led me to think about how many other journeys we must take on our own.  The journey of faith is one of those journeys.  We must have a personal experience of faith.  No one can give us faith.  Even so, there are things that others can do to help or hinder the journey.


Are you helping or hindering the faith of others?  Are we showing love and creating an environment where others can experience God, or are we heaping on rules about behavior and decorum?  Are we affirming that God loves others, or are we passing judgment about their life choices?  Are we saying with our words and actions that everyone is created in the image of God, or are we sending the message that only those who are like us are created in the image of God?


We cannot give faith to another person, but we can facilitate an experience.  The receptionist made sure that I would be able to have access to a ride.  Our job, followers of Jesus, is to make sure everyone has access to God.


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