Knock the Rust Off

Shane Proctor is back riding bulls! Shane has been out because of a an injury for a while.  He is a rider with the PBR and won the PRCA World Championship this year.  He also broke his arm at the World Finals. Unfortunately, he was not successful at riding any of his bulls for the full 8 seconds this weekend.  The commentators said that he needed to knock the rust off.  Riding a bull is different than riding a bike.  It takes a while to get back to riding.  You do not automatically remember.

More things inline seem like bull riding than bike riding.  We need to keep doing things in order to be any good at them.  If we stop doing something for a while, it takes some time to get back to where we were.  This is just our elite.  We think we can ignore some part of our life and then pick back up where we left off.  This is often not the case.  It takes regular practice to maintain the knowledge and skill to do something.  This includes living out our faith.  If we do not regular practice our spiritual life, then it does get rusty.  If we don’t maintain spiritual practices, then we will not be used to doing them.  If we fail to do what God calls us to do, then it will be that much harder to do I the future.


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