Changing Hands


100_1187 (Photo credit: wakiwon)

Bull riders are either right of left-handed riders, like baseball pitchers.  One hand is used to hold on to the rope that keeps the rider on the bull. They always ride the same way.  Now, it may be different, at lest for one rider.  J.B. Mauney recently broke his riding hand.  He had to have surgery to repair the hand.  He has already missed two events because of the injury.  Now, he may try to ride with the other hand.  From what I have read and heard, many are shocked that he would even consider this change.

I have trouble doing most things with my non-dominant hand.  I imagine it would be extremely difficult thing to do, but he is showing us that sometimes we have to do things in a new way.  Most of us are far to ready to let small things divert us from our goal.  The least excuse and we find a way not to do something.  We say, I was goings to invite my neighbor to church, but I did not see hi. Outside.  I was going to mow the grass, but it looked like it might rain.    I meant to read my Bible, but I became engrossed in a television show.

We look for excuses to sideline ourselves.  We look for diversions to keep us from the task at hand.  If someone can change their riding hand, how many things can we do if we put our mind to it.  We won’t know how he does until this weekend, but he is offering us hope.  If he can try to reach his goal in a new way, then maybe we can find a new way to do what God is calling us to do.


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