Deep Cleaning

A number of cleaning brushes.

A number of cleaning brushes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopefully all of us know about regular cleaning, but there is another cleaning that does not happen as often.  This cleaning is much more intense, and is done annually or less often.  It is deep cleaning.  This is the cleaning when things are not simply tidied, but they are completely  undone and put back.  This is when instead of making sure that everything is in the closet, you pull everything out of the closet, clean the inside of the closet, then put things back.  Each item is examined, evaluated, cleaned.  Many things end up being tossed or donated because we find they are no longer necessary.    We make more room for the things that are important.  We make sure the cobwebs are swept out and the baseboards dusted.


What about our spiritual selves?  Do we ever do a deep cleaning of our spirits?  Do we clear things out?  Do we give to God the things we should have given over a while back?  Do we let go of our past hurts, anger, and frustration?  Do we allow God to clean out the things that have collected?  Do we make room for new growth?  Maybe it is time we all did a little deep cleaning.  It is not easy or quick, but it allows room to grow.


2 thoughts on “Deep Cleaning

  1. When I’m cleaning and I find something that I didn’t remember having then I figure that I’ve been doing OK without it and I get rid of it. That holds true for thoughts and feelings as well as property.

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