Walnuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all seem to bemoan how little time we have or how busy we are.  The truth is that we have the same amount to time as everyone else,  we have systems for making more effective use of our time.  When we want to do more with our time, or when God wants us to do more with out time, we seem to be blown away.  We have already filled our time, how can we possibly add more to the schedule?


We have to use our creativity to find ways to work smarter, to get the important things done rather than just doing the easiest, quickest, or most mundane thing.  If we do the important things, then the other things will find a way to fit in.  Do you wonder if that is really true?  An example that helps me is a visual reminder that I saw years ago.  It was a container, un-shelled walnuts, and uncooked rice.  If you put the rice in the container first, then all the walnuts and rice would not fit in the vessel.  If you put in the walnuts first, then everything fit.  Put the big things, the high priority important things, first.  The rest finds a way to fit.


Remember, there are people all over the world in nursing homes and retirement homes that long for the busy day.  Many sit for days with little or nothing to do.  They wish to be doing.  They wish they had something to fill their time.  Your busy schedule and demands on your time are blessings.  You have a full life.  Thank God for the many people, situations, and issues that fill your day.  Just remember that the walnuts go first.


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