Getting Noticed

Business card origami (and kirigami)

Business card origami (and kirigami) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all want to be noticed, some of us more than others.  We want to know that there is someone who sees us, knows us, and acknowledges our existence.  This past week I was at a bull riding event.  Prior to the bull riding, a local band played.  They wanted folks to not only enjoy the music that night, but they wanted the 2,000 people in  attendance to remember them.  They handed out free CDs so that we all could take them home with us.  They wanted our attention for more than a brief interlude.  They wanted to be remembered.


Most people are not in a band, but we want to be remembered.  We want to know that people think about us.  We want affirmation of our worth.  Yet, we do not have a CD to hand out.  How are we going to create an impression?  Are we going to hand out our business card?  Do we really think that anyone will keep those business cards?  The way we make an impression is to share ourselves.  We are created in the image of God.  We are worth remembering.  As we share ourselves and allow others to share their selves, then we are creating connections.  We are creating impressions.  We are making ourselves memorable.


Yet, unlike the band, we often try to hide our light under a bushel rather than singing out.  We don’t offer ourselves.  We hide.  This band, Hangin with Stogie, was offering their talent as well as their CDs.  What are you offering to the world?  You have something to offer.