I remember seeing my young preschooler  dancing in front of the television.  This was not unusual, but this dance seemed difference.  It was not a dance to express joy.  It was a dance to delay the inevitable trip to the bathroom.  I asked if this was accurate.  Yes.  But the favorite television show, The Wiggles,  was on.  An interruption into her activity was demanding attention. It seems that there are always more people, things, and situations that demand our time and attention.  We want to be focused on one thing and one thing only, but all of these others demand our attention.  The phone rings.  The person drops by our office.  There is another thing we must handle.  This has happened to all of us at one time or another.


We have a choice about how we respond to these interruptions.  We can become frustrated.  We can try to ignore the interruption, which seems to rarely work for long.  We can welcome the interruption as an opportunity.  In Mark 5:21-43, we find a story of two healings.  The first healing was of Jarius’ daughter.  Her father went to Jesus for her and begged Jesus to heal his daughter.  Jesus seems to be going to Jarius’ daughter.  It seems that while going, an unnamed woman touches his cloak.  From this one point of contact, she is also healed.  She seems to be an interruption to  the initial request and healing of Jarius’ daughter. 


In the interruption, healing and peace are found.  In the interruptions to our lives, healing can be found.  Healing can be found for us and for others.  Let  us look at the interruptions as a chance to experience the blessings of God rather than an annoyance.  Let us see in the interruptions the possibilities.


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