You are being Watched

This afternoon I watched a woman driving.  She was in a hurry, or so it seemed.  She and I were both leaving an apartment complex.   We were both turning left, and she was behind me.  She was disappointed at my hesitation in pulling out to traffic.  She was so  hurried, she went around me, turning left from the right turning lane.  My first thought was relief that we did not end up in an accident.  Since we were headed in the same direction, and we both exited the complex at the same time, there was time to watch her.  She was in a rush whipping back and forth between lanes.  she turned into the grocery store parking lot, and i wondered why she was so frantic to get to the grocery store.  Was she rushing to get to work?  Was she late meeting someone?  Did she have a craving so intense that it left her half-crazed?

I will never know the rest of her story, but she made me aware that all of us are being watched.  She probably did not think about my opinion of her frantic rushing.  She did probably consider my driving skills inadequate, but I imagine whatever was causing the rush was taken a much higher priority that what others thought about her behavior.  We are all like this woman, in some way.  We become so focused on getting from here to there that we miss everything around us.  We overlook the splendor of God’s creation, and we overlook the fact that our lives our saying a lot about us.  Our lives are testifying to what we believe about God, ourselves, and others.  

People are watching us all of the time, and we are not aware that we are being watched.  We are rushing to do what we think is important, but we may be missing the important things.  We may be so busy with the check list, cravings, or other things that fill our days that we miss evaluating what others are seeing.  Are we living what we believe?  Are we loving other people?  Are we honoring God.

Remember, you are being watched.



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