A Moment Together


When something BIG happens, we want to share it.  The big event may be a positive or a negative.  It may be a communal event or a personal event, but we want to share the event.  We want to be near other people and offer our comments.  We want to hear the other people’s comments.  We want to know we are not experiencing the event alone.


Consider the big events in your personal life.  The job offer.  The proposal.  The diagnosis.  The death.  The birth.  All of the BIG events of your life.  Some were total surprises.  Some were much hoped for possibilities.  Other events, were crushing surprises.  No matter what type of event, we want to connect with others.  We call in celebration, shock, or grief so that others might know.  Those who find out our news send cards or congratulations, call, or visit our home.  The bigger the event, the quicker and more connectional the response.


When events happen to us as a people – locally, nationally, or internationally, we want to connect with others about what has happened.  As the 9-11 tragedy unfolded, I watched the televisions in my gym and the people in the gym.  As people gathered at the televisions, they spoke to one another.  I remember a woman peppering the man standing next to her with questions.  They both had access to  the same amount of information, so she could not reasonably believe he had answers.  Instead, she wanted a connection.


Even in some of the smaller moments of life, we want a connection.  Recently, JB Mauney successfully rode Asteroid.  If you do not follow bullriding, this means nothing to you.  However, for those of us who are bullriding enthusiasts, it is a very big deal.  JB Mauney is a rider who has had a number of injuries.  He was able to come back from a broken riding hand, which is a difficult thing to do.  He was able to come back and ride a bull who has had 16 consecutive buck-offs and finished last year second in the world.  As I watched it on television, I wanted to tell someone, post it on Facebook, or something!  I wanted to share the moment, but there was no one in my house who wanted to be woken up to hear about a bull ride.


We want to share our moments.  It is a part of our human nature.  Are you helping others to share their moments, or are you to wrapped  up in our own life?  Do you know your neighbors enough to be included in their BIG moments?  Are you forming relationships so that others can share the BIG and not-so-big moments?  Life is about relationships.  Are you forming and building relationships?



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