You are not That special


Español: (Original) Diversidad étnica de un co...

Español: (Original) Diversidad étnica de un colegio de Lima, distrito de Surco, Perú (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We spend a lot of time claiming how special we are.  We want children to know that they are special.  I remember one church, where all children and the Halloween party one something.  Each costume in the contest was awarded and praised for being the most something.  We want to build self-confidence in children.  We want to have our own self-confidence.  Yet, we have moved from personal confidence to celebrating our specialness.




If we are all special, then is anyone special?  Being special means that we are unique.  If we are all uniquely created in the image of God, then we may not be as special as we like to believe.  This is the beginning of humility.  Accepting that we are not as special as we tend to believe allows us to be humble.  Humility, accepting that we are not as special as we like to believe, allows us to accept the need to be saved.  If we accept the need to be saved, then we can accept a Savior.  If we think we are so special that we don’t need help, then we can never allow a Savior to be a part of our lives.




Instead of humility, we find ourselves humiliated when we fail or fall.  We are ashamed and embarrassed about our shortcomings because we believe that we are too special for the troubles of others.  We are smarter than that.  We can handle it all because we are so special.  The truth is that we are not that special.  Yes, we all have gifts.  Yes, we can do amazing things.  But our gifts, talents and abilities come from God.  We are not able to do everything.  We need a Savior to save us from ourselves and allow us to live our best lives.




While we are not that special, God is.  God is beyond anything we can think or understand.  God wants to empower us with gifts and talents so that we may live our best lives.  We are not that special, but God is.  God is special and wants to intimately share our lives with us.  Share you life today.




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