Barking at your Goal

ChezeCheze is a beagle.  She is a loving do who also loves food.  She always want to eat.  She is not picky.  She will eat food or anything else that she can find.  This week she found the pantry door partly open, and she helped herself to a raw potato.  She will try to eat just about anything.  Due to her voracious appetite, we have been told to limit her food to once daily.  We also practice portion control for her.


This leads to foraging on her part.  She knows where dog food is kept in the house.  She also know that the luscious dog treats are located in the same closet.  She is currently barking at the treats.  She cannot reach them, but she wants them.  She keeps barking.  Maybe she hope that I will come and give her one of the much desired treats.  Maybe she hopes that barking will entice the treat to jump down from its shelf.    I suspect that she is barking out of frustration.


We all can be like Cheze when it comes to goals.  We see a goal.  We want a goal, but it is unreachable.  So, we bark.  We bark for others to get our goal.  We bark thinking that somehow the goal will move closer if we shout at it.  We bark because we want it, and we can’t seem to reach it.


The reality is that our goals often require work and patience.  Our job is to listen to God as we determine what our course of action should be.  Is it time for this goal?  Is  this the time for that?  In Cheze’s  case, now is not the time to eat.  She must wait.  Barking is not going to move the time along any faster.  Cheze must sometimes learn patience.


Another option that we have is to work towards a goal.  Cheze cannot figure out what to do to reach her goal of the treats.  We can figure out what to do to reach our goals.  Is now the time God is calling  you o work toward  your goal?  If so, how are  you working towards your goal.


Barking at unattainable goals does nothing for anyone, but listening to God’s urgings about working and waiting can move us toward our goals.


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