You Just Never Know


Rizinus-Blatt (Photo credit: flöschen)


Life can change in an instant.  This week I have had this lesson repeatedly brought to my awareness.  I have been spending a lot of time at a hospital with a family member.  It was unexpected for us to be in the hospital, but we were not the only ones.


Next store to my family member is a young woman.  She is in her 20s.  She was in a car accident, from what I understand.  She was going somewhere, but her journey was interrupted.  She never arrived.  Her family was in the middle of their lives.  Everything stopped.  Everything changed.  She has been in the hospital for five days.  Her family sits vigil at her bedside.  She is given regular neurological checks, such as raising her area or lifting her thumb. Throughout her stay I have heard her family encourage her to stay strong. They have also told her that they love her.  I hope she knows.  She and her family have had their life interrupted. They did not know this would happen.




What about you?  If you were in a situation like this woman and her family, would you be ready?  We are never really ready, but would you be comfortable with the state of your relationships?  Have you resolved conflicts, made peace, declared love, and forgiven?  Do they know how you feel about the? You just never know.



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