Turn Around

Deutsch: Advent zwei Kerzen

Deutsch: Advent zwei Kerzen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


During the recent Republican National Convention we heard the cry, “We need a turn around!”  I agree!  The turn around we need is broader and deeper than a political issue.  The turn around I am thinking about has to do with us, not with politics.  We need a turn around of our lives.  We need a constant turning from our selfish desires while turning towards God.  As we turn around from going our own way, and turn towards going God’s way there is transformation.




If we turn towards God, then we will find new life for all.  We will, in the words of the Democratic National Convention, move forward, not back.  In order for this forward movement to happen we must turn around.  We must realize that our own way does not work.  We need to turn to God’s way.  We need God to guide us and support us in our moving forward.




The only way to move forward is to turn around. So during this advent season, I invite you to turn around.  Turn around from the hustle and bustle of shopping to prepare your heart and mind.  Turn from the busyness of life to a moment of reflection.  Turn from what everyone expect of you and ask what does God need of  you.  Turn around this advent.




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