Shrove Tuesday

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It is Shrove Tuesday.  This is the day before Lent begins.  Lent is a season dedicated to growing spiritually.  It is a time of working on our spiritual lives.  Many people choose to abstain from certain things  to help them become more aware of God.  The act of giving something up also serves as a penance, a way to make amends for the sinful often self-centered way that life is led.  It is helpful to me to set certain goals for the season.  These goals help give me direction in my growth.  Here are the areas I am working on this Lent.


Prayer: my prayer time is often haphazard.  While it is meaningful, it is not as intentional as it could be.  In this season I will be maintaining several prayer practices to help my prayer time be more intentional.  I will be praying in a certain place for this season.  This does not mean that I will not be praying at other times, but it does mean that it will be a time of sitting and focusing on the prayer rather than multi-tasking.  I will also be praying at a certain time.  This means that everything else will stop at 9:30 each day for prayer.  Usually my prayer time works around the other activities of my day, but in this season, my prayer time will be on the calendar first.


Fasting: My fast will be from coffee.  This means that I won’t have coffee.  This denial is sacrificial for me, and I will call to mind those who sacrifice much more than I do regularly.  It will call to mind those who live under unfair economic conditions who harvest coffee.  It will remind me that Jesus sacrificed much more than a chemical stimulant and comforting routine.


These are my two practices.  There are many others, but I think these will give me an opportunity to focus on God, to realize that far too often I focus on myself, and to grow in my spiritual life.  I invite you to consider ways that you might grow in this Lenten season


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