Cleaning out the Pantry

A contemporary kitchen pantry.

A contemporary kitchen pantry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is time to clean out the pantry at my house.  This is no real surprise.  Actually it is past time.  I can tell because the members of this household keep asking me where certain things are.  Actually the real reason I can tell is that I found un-opened Mint Milanos.  They have been here since Christmas.  If the members of the household realized their presence, they would have been consumed long ago.  There are partial bags and boxes of all sorts of things in there.  On the floor is a loose onion.  Definitely time to purge and tidy.




My pantry is in many ways like our lives.  We get so wrapped up in the things that are going on externally that we fail to realize the internal state of things.  We keep shoving things in.  We lose the good things, like Mint Milanos.  We also allow things like stray onion to rot.  A rotten onion is much bigger issue to deal with than a onion passed its usefulness.  We have a clutter of parts and pieces.  We start to feel disconnected.  We lose touch with what we are and who we are.  We feel a sense of being lost and unable to find what we need within ourselves.




Is it time for you to take inventory?  Is it time for you to pull out memories, thoughts, and feeling, and take a look at them?  Is it time for you to purge some things from  your life.  Maybe you have been holding on to bitterness, anger, hurt, unrealized expectation, and other things you need to release.  Maybe there are just too many things left unfinished.  Only you and God know the state of your internal self, but others need you to have things in order.  The world needs your best self.  You cannot be your best self if the inside is a disorganized, unavailable jumble.  You are person of great worth.  You owe it to yourself, God, and the world to take care of your internal self.




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