We All Have a Spot

Brooklyn Museum - Woman Fixing Girl's Hair - O...

Brooklyn Museum – Woman Fixing Girl’s Hair – Odake Chikuha (1878-1936) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prior to church the other day, a woman offered to help me fix my spot.  She told me that everybody’s got a spot.  It is the spot on the crown of our heads that often is not covered by hair. It is not a bald spot.  It is just a spot that shows our scalp because of the way our hair grows.




She was helpful and right.  Everybody does have a spot.  We all have a spot in our lives where we need some help.  We all have a spot in our lives that we cannot quite see.  We all need someone or several someones to help  fix our spot.  This is the spiritual discipline of accountability.  We as Christians share the truth that someone has a spot, then we help them grow and improve.  My spot was fixed for that day and then she offered advice on how to regularly fix the spot.




Who tells  you about the spots in your life?  Who do you help with the spots in their lives?  As Christians we are called to do this.  In order for it to happen there needs to be a close relationship built on trust.  Often this happens as a part of a small group.  Consider becoming a part of a small group that offers encouragement and accountability.  Some of these groups are focused on an activity, such has hands on mission or a book study.  Some groups have coffee together.  Each one provides a place where the spots may be discussed, acknowledged, and corrected.  We all have spots.  It is what we do about giving and receiving help with our spots that matters.




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