phaedra and our letters

phaedra and our letters (Photo credit: lukemontague)


The mail is a part of our lives. We receive letters, bills, announcements, statements, flyers catalogs, reminders, and junk mail. It comes pouring into our lives at random. Then, one day, a piece of mail can’t change everything. A piece of mail can alter the course of our lives.  In one page our plans can be disrupted and our path no longer certain




Thirty-three people received this kind of mail recently. These thirty-three people found that their contracts with a local school system will not be renewed. The school system is making cutbacks to avoid a budget short fall. Whether or not the cuts are necessary or justified is not the point. The point is that thirty-three people have just had their futures altered. They now need to look for other employment. They need to determine if they can continue to live in the small county they work, or if they will have to move. They have to decode with their families what cutbacks will be made in their household budgets.




One piece of mail can make all the difference. Those thirty-three found that they will be unemployed.  Other mail offers blessings.  Consider love letters, cards of welcome, and thinking-of-you cards that arrive in that same mailbox that brings us letters of rejection and difficult life changes.




We choose what mail we send.  We choose if we offer a positive and uplifting message, or if we choose to reject others.  Let us be purposeful in sending mail of a positive message.  Let us fill mailboxes with blessings, hope and love.  Let us make a positive difference in the life of others.




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