What do you need?

Moving boxes

Moving boxes (Photo credit: Andrea_R)

My family and I are moving.  We are in the throes of asking the question, “What will  we need?”  We are not sure of our answer.  The new house and community are different from our current living situation.  We, like most people, probably have too many things, but we just do not know what the future will hold.  As we debate the need for personal belongings, I am wondering about other needs as well.

What do you need to be content, happy, and fulfilled?  Do you need a lot of money?  Do you need a lot of things?  Do you need a certain standing in the community?  I imagine most of us have fairly simple needs, but we try to make things more complicated than they need to be.  We need . . .

  • to love and be loved
  •  to know that we are making a positive difference in the world
  • to be able to have our physical needs met
  •  to know that we are a part of something larger than ourselves

Instead of focusing on the extra things of life, why not pay attention to these four things?  As we seek to take care of the basics, I suspect that the other things will take care of themselves.


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