Burning Fire

English: Eternal flame. Memorial of Glory. Ukr...

English: Eternal flame. Memorial of Glory. Ukraine, Vinnitsa. Русский: Вечный огонь. Мемориал Славы. Украина, Винница. Français : Flamme éternelle. Mémorial de Gloire. Vinnitsa, Ukraine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently CNN reported on my state, Virginia.  Seventy-one fires have been set in a county.  The authorities don’t know who is setting the fires.  The authorities are, however, grateful that no one has been injured or killed yet.  They worry that it is a matter of time.  Arson is a serious issue, and I hope that the guilty are brought to justice quickly.  However, this article made me think of fire in a different way.

The article made me think of the fire of Pentecost.  On the day of Pentecost the disciples were gathered together.  There appeared to be flaming tongues of fire resting on each of them.  This fire did not consume them physically, but it did consume them spiritually.  A passion rose up within them by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Church was birthed into life because of the consuming passion that overcame the disciples.  What fire burns within us?

Within your soul is there a raging fire that burns brightly against the darkness?  Is there a small but eternal flame that creates a glow of warmth?  Is there occasional flickers of light like a firefly lighting up a sultry summer night?  It may be that the flames burning within you change over time.  It may be that you feel your flame is not bright enough or hot enough.  We who have the Holy Spirit within  us have a flame burning within us.  It may be a raging fire or occasional sparks of light.  Our responsibility is to become aware of the fire and encourage the flame to grow.

Do you notice those internal nudgings of God?  Many of us become so focused on getting things done, that we become numb to the nudgings or sparks within us.  We don’t have time for fires burning within us.  We have things to do.  We must get on with the day, week, and month.  The disciples were open and waiting for the Spirit.  I invite you to  notice the burning within you and be guided by that fire.


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