Make a Decision

Here in Norfolk, a restaurant is closing.  This particular restaurant has been open nearly 70 years.  From the article in the July 7, 2013 edition of The Virginian Pilot, it seems that the owners decided it was time.  They probably have a host of reasons, like most of us do, for making life decisions.  Yet, it all seems to come down to being willing to making the decision.  I don’t know about the family which owns Veneziano’s, but many of us have trouble actually making a decision.  We want to put it off.  We want to pretend that things will fix themselves.  We want to avoid what needs to be done.

Reality is that the longer we put off making a decision, the more difficult things become.  The decision is sometimes made for us.  The once small problem often becomes much larger.  The funny sound our vehicle was making that we should have gotten checked out sooner results in us stranded on the side of the road. The putting off of decisions allows difficult decisions to fester and become worse.  Consider the medical issue that we should do something about.  We don’t because we are worried about what it might cost.  We don’t because we are worried about what the results will be of making a decision.  Our delay allows things to fester.  Our delay usually expands the problem.
We often put off God.  We put off deciding to get involved.  We put off the decision to change the way we are living.  We put off praying.  We think that there is plenty of time.  We think that another day won’t matter.  We think that if we don’t make a decision, then someone else will handle the situation. Our indecision hurts us and those around us.  Our putting off a decision to have God more apart of our lives makes our daily lives more difficult.  Our avoidance of living a kingdom life hurts others.  This may be the only opportunity for us to share hope with others.  This is the time to make decisions.  Are we going to live a life for God’s kingdom, or are we going to avoid the kingdom?  Are we going to allow God to move in and through us, or are we going to just put things off?  Are you willing to make a decision?  Will you serve God today?



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