Keys, Keys, and More Keys

Things are changing in my world.  Well, at least the keys are changing.  At my church, we have a bright and shiny new building, so there are new keys for that building.  We still have our historic sanctuary building, so there are keys for that building.  My house has a new lock-set on the front door, so there are keys to that lock.  In addition, there are still the same old keys that fit the rest of the locks at the house.  I have been driving my vehicle as well as my husband’s vehicle, so I have an additional car key.  We are getting ready to move, so I have a key to that house.  I am getting ready to go to a new church, so there are keys to that building.  Suddenly, I seem to have gone from a manageable set of keys to a set of keys resembling a custodians’ key ring of a large building.


All of these keys are weighing me down, both figuratively and literally.  So many keys!  Perhaps you know the feeling.  Perhaps there are so many things and places that require your attention that you feel weighed down and shackled beneath a heavy burden, as the song says.  We feel the weight of life, and we want to just stop.  We want, at least for a while, someone to take the keys.  We want someone else to be responsible.  We don’t want the weight of it right now.


That is one of the purposes of prayer.  Your prayer time is your opportunity to take the weight off of your shoulders.  You don’t have to keep lugging around the noisy and weighty bulk.  You can put some of the burden, weight, and responsibility on God.  You can offer these things to God in prayer.  No, this does not mean that the struggles of life will evaporate into the atmosphere, but it does mean that the burden is not yours alone to bear.  I’m praying as I carry my keys.  I’m praying as I leave some keys behind.  I’m praying as I start to use the new keys.  In the places I am leaving, I am trusting God to be present.  In the places I am going to, I am trusting God to be present.  I am praying for you as well.  May you be able to share the weight of your life and responsibilities with God.


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