Live – Really Live

les smith“God wanted me to live” said Les Smith reporting on his struggles with alcohol abuse and depression in The Virginian Pilot.  Yes, God wants us all to live.  God wants the biological state of being alive, but God wants more than that.  God desires for each one of us to have a full and rich life.  God wants for us to go beyond mere existing to truly living.  Yet, we sometimes head for the safer and easier life of just existing.  We live on the surface, never getting too involved or sharing too much of ourselves.  We have been hurt in the past, and we want to insulate ourselves from experiencing pain.  We also get caught up in what they think.  They are busy telling us how to live a superficial, uncomplicated life.  Usually they are urging us to play it safe and conform.  They have been hurt, and they chose a superficial life.


Today, you can choose a different way of living and being.  You can choose to go deeper.  You can choose to live a life where you follow your passions, have greater relationships, dance in the rain, and explore new possibilities.  This kind of living is impossible on our own.  It is possible with God.  God’s grace can and will empower us to live the full life.  God can allow us to overcome the pain of our past and move forward.  God can help walk us through the current anxiety to build a new way of living.


Choose to allow God to empower you to live a fuller life.  Choose to live rather than just going through the motions.  God wants you to live.



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