Trust . . . No One?

Recently I was shopping at a big box office supply store.  The person at the counter had a tattoo on his arm.  It ran the length of his forearm, but I couldn’t tell what it said.  I told him I was trying to read his tattoo, so he held up his arm so that I could read it.  It said “trust”.  I thought it was a great reminder of our need to trust one another.  Then, he held up his other arm.  It also had a tattoo that said, “No One“.  I wanted to launch into a discussion of his thoughts and opinions of people; however, I could tell it wasn’t the time.  I told him that it made me sad.  He shrugged.  I left.

If it had been a different time or place, then I could have asked him more.  I could have asked why he had come to this as something he wanted to permanently say.  Was this his life philosophy?  If so, what had happened to him to make him so cynical? Did the people who were supposed to take care of him violate his trust so profoundly that he could never trust again?  Had there been no one in his life that proved worthy of being trusted?  It makes me sad to think about some of the scenarios which would make him trust no one.
Then I considered that maybe no one had done anything.  Maybe he had been the one to violate trust.  Maybe he felt so guilty for the violation that he could never see trust as a viable option.
It seems unlikely that a life of trusting no one is an option, but I would not want to try.  to have relationships with other people means that we must trust them.  Yes, there are some who will consciously or unconsciously violate that trust, but it is worth the risk.  It is worth the risk of having our trust violated in order to trust.  Because trust in one of the foundations of a meaningful relationship.  Trust allows us to share our hearts and souls with another person.  It allows us to give and receive comfort and love.
For that cashier and for all of humanity, let us trust more.  Let us trust others by sharing our lives with them.  Let us be willing to take a chance on other people, to care enough about them to share ourselves.  Let us realize that life is more vivid when lived in relationships.  Let us trust.

One thought on “Trust . . . No One?

  1. Trust is a wild, radical concept, You’re talking about the belief that another person will act in my best interests. Trust defies the scarcity model, defies the instinct for one’s own survival, and ultimately defies the fear of death.

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