Recently we had a  lot of wind at my house.  We had a decorative flag hanging out front.  The wind was whipping the flag all around, and I didn’t give it much thought.  Then, after much blowing and whipping around, the wind stopped for a moment.  I realized in that moment that the flag was damaged.  The flag had become frayed at the outermost corner.  It was overwhelmed by the circumstances.  The twisting and turning was too much for the flag to handle.   The fraying is a small issue now, but without proper attention , the flag will soon be in tatters.  If I left the flag to twist and turn in the wind, the flag would have quickly been shredded into pieces.  A lot more repair work would have been needed, and it would never be the same.

 We are, in many ways, like the flag at my house.  There are times when we feel whipped about by our lives and circumstances.  We are constantly dealing with people and issues. It can come to a point, when we start to fray a bit at our edges.  We become stressed or frustrated.  We start using a clipped tone with the people around us.  We are worn down and tired.  We become so overwhelmed that we forget what we need to do next and why.  This is when we need to stop, to withdraw from the storms that assail us.  Jesus invites us to come away to a quiet place.   Before our lives are ripped apart, God wants to restore and heal us.    For many of us the healing quiet place is worship.  Many of us feel renewed from being in worship.  We sing hymns and spiritual songs.  We are with brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are connected to the body of believers.  We are in the presence of God.  We hear the Word of God proclaimed.  We confess.  We are forgiven.  We are transformed.   This is what happens when we worship.  The frayed points of our lives are knitted together.  Each one of us needs this experience on a regular basis.  We need to be in worship for ourselves and for others.  Be in worship on a regular basis so that you may find renewal, as well as help others experience God’s healing.
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