Age is Relevant

I remember my grandmother used to tell me, “don’t get old”.  I would reply, “It beats the alternative.”  She had to deal with quite a few things in her senior years.  She was a widow with a myriad of health problems.  The health problems led to loss of independence.  Her struggles were no different than many older adults.

One thing she did not discuss, but I have seen in lots of older adults, is that they feel that they are no longer useful.  They have been put out to pasture and serve no purpose.  This lack of purpose would cause anyone to be depressed.  As Christians, we are never finished working for the kingdom of God.  In fact, God often waits until later in life to reveal the calling on our lives.  Abraham and Sarah were old when they conceived Issac.  Paul was almost 40 when he as commissioned to be a missionary.  God has a purpose for our lives, no matter what our age!
Sometimes we develop the mindset that we are too old for many of the ministries of the church.  We may not be able to climb into the bell tower anymore, but that does not mean there are not plenty of jobs for us to do.  There are phone calls to be made, articles to be written, and bulletin boards to decorate.  There are lessons to teach and stories to share.
I pray that you have purpose and meaning, no matter what your age.  May you know God’s calling on your life.

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