Show UP

Churches are concerned about attendance, especially the mainline Protestant denominations.  We know that attendance is less than it used to be.

One of the reasons, maybe even a large reason, is that members of a church do not attend church as regularly as they used to attend.  The members are simply not showing up as often as they used to show up.

There are lots of reasons that people attend less.  There are many competing events for our time during traditional worship times.  There are many leisure activities that pull at us during the weekends.  We have things we want to get done, and church cuts into our time.

If our faith is important to us, the most important thing to us, then why would we not make our worship attendance a priority?  Maybe it is because we don’t think about our priorities as much as we think about the noisy gongs and clanging symbols that clamor for our attention and our time.  We don’t stop to consider what matters.  Maybe we should.

It matters if we show up for church.  It matters if we gather with the body of believers to praise God and hear God’s voice.  Showing up matters.

Showing up matters for church and other things as well.  It matters if we show up and spend time with the people who matter to us.  Telling someone they are important is not nearly as significant as giving time to that person.  Showing up at work matters, because we know that in-person meetings are often much more productive than phone-in meetings.  It matters if we show up at the wedding of a friend, the funeral of a family member, a meeting with our boss, and all sorts of other things.

Show up for church.


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