Why Music Videos?

I’m currently sitting in semi-darkness.  This morning the overhead lights in my office did not work.  The lamps work, so there is some light.  A member of the congregation, a retired electrician, is working on the lights, so I am sure that they will be restored soon.  As he works, he turned off one of the electrical circuits that controls the overhead lights.

Churches are often unusual buildings, which means that the circuits are not wired in a way that seems logical.  You just never know how things are wired.  The same is true with people.  There are many of us whose wiring is not necessarily logical.  We are spiritual and emotional beings, so things don’t always fit with another person’s logic.  Sometimes we don’t even understand why we are wired the way that we are.
What I do know is that music often touches us in the way that mere words cannot.  A song can move us to tears or action.  We can connect with the presence of God, memories, or a motivation that we never even new we had.  Because of this connection to music, I send a song to connect with Sunday worship.  The song connects with the worship we are about to experience at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.  It is my prayer that it also connects with you and your spirit.  I want your spirit to light up so that you can experience God’s love.  This opens all of us to the message God has for us.

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