Two family members are in the in-between.  These two happen to be in-between their regular doctor, also know as their general practitioner, and a specialist.   Each is having to wait, knowing that something needs to be done.  There are others who are in the in-between.  There are those who are in-between jobs.  There are those who are in-between childhood and adulthood.  There are still others who are in-between relationships.  We are all somewhere in-between birth and death.

Often we  are living in the in-between, we establish a way of living that is a holding pattern.  We do nothing, waiting until we are no longer in-between.  For example, we don’t move forward with our lives because we are waiting until that time when are in a relationship, at our ideal weight, have things under control, or have our life organized.  So, we do nothing. We just maintain the same pattern of living waiting for our circumstances to change. Yet most of life is lived in the in-between.  If we are waiting for the times when we are not in-between, then a lot of life is spent waiting.  There is very little time for living.

Live everyday.  Don’ put yourself in a holding pattern, waiting for the in-between to past.  You will never have another chance to live this day.  Let us rejoice in this day and make the best of it.  We may find that in this in-between time, there is new life for you and others.


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