Thinking about Eternity

I tend to be one of the practical people.  I try to think about what makes the most sense for the long run.  I am rarely dwelling in fantasy.  Maybe for this reason, or reasons I don’t even know, I focus on being a disciple now. I pay attention to how life is to be lived as a follower of Jesus.  I don’t think too much about eternity.  I know that the kingdom of God is beyond the confines of time and space, and I will experience the eternal part of God’s kingdom (heaven), when I get there.  I need to stay focused on the here and now because there is so much to do here and now.

I focus so much on serving now, that I might ignore eternity.  I know it is there.  I know my soul lives forever because of Jesus.  I know that those who finish their course of faith in this life go on to eternal life.  There is no reason to dwell on it.  But what if there is?
I spend so much time not thinking about eternity that I can become focused on this life only.  I can become too practical.  We all need to remember that we are living with a different set of standards because of the kingdom of God.  We Christians are different than secular humanists.  We make decisions based on an understanding of grace and a kingdom beyond this world.  We do not care for other people just because of moral and ethical standards. We care because they are God’s creation.  We take care of the  planet because God has called us to be stewards of the creation, not just because it is the reasonable thing to do.  We are different from others.
We are different because we are not limited to earth and our time on earth.  We are members of the household of God.  We are a part of something that is much larger than just this world and time.  We are living according to a different set of rules because we are living according to a different construct.
We all, especially the practical people, need to remember that we are a part of something larger than ourselves.  We are not bound by what is practical because we are a part of something much larger than this.  We are a part of God’s kingdom.

One thought on “Thinking about Eternity

  1. “Now” is also part of eternity. The bugger of it, and this is the beyond-our-comprehension piece, is that eternity means all of time, not just “infinity from death on.” That means that we should be alive NOW so if you are banking on finding the Kingdom after death, but you can’t see it now then how will you see it then? Of course, it also means eternity prior to this point and good luck in grasping that one 🙂

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