Are you noticing Me?

     Sitting and waiting is a great opportunity to observe people.  As I was sitting and waiting,there was a grandmother and her two grandchildren.  The children were brother and sister, and the grandmother must have been the after school babysitter.  The children were very proud to report that they had shared their snacks with each other. Apparently, grandma allowed the purchase of snack size treats.  One child had m&ms and the other child had fruit snacks.  Their sharing was actually a trade.  Each child gave the other child one of his/her treat.
     Grandma told them she was glad they were sharing instead of fighting.  She then asked, “Which one of you is going to share with me?”  The children almost started arguing over who would get to share with grandma. Grandma had probably given the snacks, and here they were talking about sharing their snacks.
     Grandma assured them that each could share with her.  It was a simple exchange, but it made me think about how we live.  Are we vying to share what we have with God?
      God is the creator of everything, so all we have and are is a gift from God.  If it is all a gift, then do we try to keep it all to ourselves or share what we have and who we are?  So often I hear that people are tired of being the only ones doing anything to serve in the church.  They are not anxiously trying to serve, but they want someone else to share their gifts.
     Those of us who have been given gifts are called to share them with God.  Are we like the children, anxious to share. Or, are we waiting for someone else to step up? Perhaps it is our obligation to share what we have.

2 thoughts on “Are you noticing Me?

  1. Hi Sandi, I liked your story about the Grandmother. How are you? I hope all is going well for you. We moved to Annapolis to be near our daughter and joined a very nice U M Church. We like it here but still miss the Lake some of the time.
    Blessings, Alice Bagley

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